這是個有年紀的手磨。來自德國,是西德時期的Zassenhaus 151。從Ebay買來的時候,賣家還寫了短訊給我。大意是這是父親從德國帶回來的。在她結婚時,轉送給她。是個有故事的手磨。

Hi, I am sorry shipping was delayed.We had a death in the family,my granddaughters adopted mother died and I had to find out via her obituary in the paper. I hope you like the grinder. We lived in Munich , West Germany during the 1950's, my father was in the air force. I guess we got it then. When I got married she passed a lot of things to me. I had it on a shelf most of this time. Now I pass it on to you. Thank you,Karen b